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Expanding Teaching Opportunities

“WE” took the challenge to make the world a better place for instructors, learners, and talents to bring revolution and make a positive change in society. “Instructory” - The Online Teaching Marketplace is here with a great idea presented in a unique way with a dream to touch the sky.

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5 Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing in 2020

Today’s digital world without social media is not – imaginable!

But at the same time, many businesses are overlooking another powerful media tool – YouTube, despite being the leader in online video consumption, has been around for longer than Facebook and Twitter, and such, doesn’t always get the same consideration from brands.

Since its launch in 2006, YouTube has grown into a multi-billion dollar company and has sparked the careers of thousands of comedians, actors, musicians, teachers, chefs, dancer, religious speakers and more. 

Here are five essential tips for YouTube marketing success


1. Optimize your content for search with Keywords and CTAs

As the world’s top video-sharing platform YouTube is the second biggest search engine globally. The fact that Google owns YouTube, you should always include popular & well-demanded keywords in your video title, description, properties, and video tags. To optimize your title, video thumbnails, detailed description & optimize for mobile also.

2. Don’t Always Try to ‘Go Viral’

Viral videos itself the goal for every video to get as many views as possible loses this special quality. If views are important, it’s better to build a solid audience with creating quality content is always preferable to a one-hit-wonder.

3. Set Your Channel Style & Tone

Before creating your YouTube video content, sit down with your team, research and decide on the style of your YouTube channel like – 

  1. Who is our audience & Location
  2. What should our CTA/CTAs be
  3. Type of content – Hip and friendly? Sleek and professional
  4. Types of videos – Tutorials, Q&As, advertisements, comedy etc.
  5. Want to bring guests/celebrity/influencers into your videos

4. Consumer & Corporate Contents

Use your channel either only for Customers or, only for Corporate Market. Don’t Mix, else users will be frustrated.

And users search YouTube for specific videos.

5. Include Various Video Types

  • Create informative how-to videos 
  • Q&A types of videos 
  • Make unboxing videos 
  • Give a tour of your corporate offices, team, etc.
  • Broadcast company events through YouTube’s live-stream function.
  • Upload testimonials from customers
  • Interview one employee about their experiences
  • Invite a well-known YouTuber or Influencer
  • Post-commercials and video advertisements for upcoming products & Services
  • Turn your blog content into YouTube videos

Youtube marketing is rapidly growing in popularity. By creating engaging and lucrative video marketing content for the benefit of yours, your company or, your clients.


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Success Stories

First Online Teaching Marketplace of Asia

Instructory is all about connecting & discovering talents, inspiring people and impact lives with the best learning and earning opportunities. It has created earning opportunities for millions of instructors from every corner of the world every day by sharing their knowledge.


To make the world a better place for instructors, learners, and talents, we bring “Instructory” specially dedicated to them. We are here with a great idea presented in a unique way with a dream to touch the sky. We aim to empower the talents and teachers of 64 district in Bangladesh by onboarding them into a sustainable self-dependant online earning marketplace.


Instructory is a trusted way of online teaching and earning for teachers and students. Its main goal is to unite the teachers of all countries of the world including Bangladesh. This is a platform where teachers can earn easily by sharing their course tutorials with everyone and the students will be able to learn their favorite courses anytime from anywhere.

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Success Stories Master instructor's Journey

Journey of a Master Instructor

If you are looking for a passive income through online with your existing skills then learning how to make money with Instructory is a great place to start.
Definitely many experienced Instructors/Mentors are re-purposing some of their content for sites like Instructory, but in this post, Minhaz Faisal reveals his own ‘strategy’ and how he eventually made money online.

How I Banked Over Bdt. 40000+ in just 7 days using skills of web development and produce a course named “Jquery for Beginners” at Instructory marketplace.
Wouldn’t it be pleasant if you just knew that you recently realized that ONE thing you could accomplish for only a couple of hours out of every day or every week, that was truly straightforward and produced predictable passive income?
That’s kind of the dream, right? But the reality is you generally have to hustle and grind and fail A LOT before you ever find those magical unicorn income streams. If they even exist.
Well, I’ve been online now for about 10 years and I’ve got the typical story you’ve heard over and over. I struggled a lot…but I did eventually find something very simple that worked for me.
And the great thing about it, is it is one of those rare gems of income streams that doesn’t require a ton of time, a ton of money to get started, you don’t have to be an “expert” in your niche…AND you don’t have to be a master at copywriting, marketing or recruiting affiliates.
It’s a simple strategy that I like to call “only your skill and faith on that”.
Now, I appreciate that for some of you Bdt. 40000+ is not a lot of money – but it is real! Only in 7 days!


How To Make Money Using Instructory and Online Teaching Marketplace

What Do You Need To Get Started?

All you need to get started are these few items…
1) Computer/Laptop – I use a Laptop (I know they’re not cheap but they’re definitely worth the investment)

2) A decent microphone – you don’t have to be some super master sound engineer and go overboard here. The mic I use is a Blue Yeti Blackout that you can pick up on Amazon for about $183.

3) Screen recording software – highly recommend Screencast-O-Matic: Screen Recorder & Video Editor, if you are using a PC or laptop, I recommend Camtasia also. Both of these software are extremely simple and intuitive to use. Don’t worry, you don’t need a Masters degree in video editing and motion graphics to whip out high-quality videos with these tools.


TIP #1: Like I mentioned, you DO NOT already have to be an “expert”. The course I published was just my experience in web design and development. Go through a couple courses that interest you, and teach those things you just learned. I guarantee if you do this you’ll absolutely make at least the cost of your subscription within your first 30 days or less IF you take action.


TIP #2: Also, if you’re worried about being on camera or you don’t like your voice – you got to just push past that fear and get over it. 


TIP #3: If you’re concerned about not being “expert enough” for people to buy from you, do not let this stop you from taking action. If you have some awesome credentials, great, you can use them in places like your profile, page, ask the friend or collogue.

TIP #4: Create A Course Outline


So, there you have it. A simple, scalable, and sustainable passive income system that is completely friendly, that doesn’t require a lot of resources to get started, and that you can still have massive success with.

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Join with Instructory and make money by sharing your knowledge and brilliance.

Join with Instructory and make money by sharing your knowledge and brilliance. Teach what you know or, lecture what you love. Keep confidence in your talents.

Instructory helps you to convert your talents into the property and empower yourself with sustainable income opportunities.

At Instructory, we aim to deliver the freedom to earn whenever you want and from wherever you are!


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We are here to dream together, dream bigger to change the world, to make a positive impact on everything and to transform the lives of people!

We are here to dream together, dream bigger to change the world, to make a positive impact on everything and to transform the lives of people!

Here is the next level of teaching and get your next level of educators right here at Instructory – the Online Teaching Marketplace where you can share your skills, knowledge, and education to make money online!


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About Instructory Course Uploading Model

Choose Best Course Selling Model – Basic or, Promotional

How you want to sell your course tutorial!!
Myths about Online Course Creation


Instructory is the best-suited Online Teaching Marketplace for Instructors in Bangladesh which is here with a dream to facilitate millions of teachers and instructors through uploading their knowledge and earn money by selling their online course tutorials to support themselves and their family!
Remember, the more you promote your course the more you will earn. And, If we market your course, definitely you will get better sells. But the decision is yours.


We have two-course uploading models:


Basic Model: It’s a simple course uploading for every instructor who wants to sell their tutorial on our marketplace and conditions are as underneath –
* Platform maintenance fee 15%
* Social media post
* Display at the homepage
* Promote your own course


Promotional Model: Here we will take the responsibility to bring learners for your tutorials, but the features will be a little bit different from the Basic Mode like –
* Platform maintenance fee 15%
* Social media post
* Display at the homepage
* We will promote your course
* Share extra 50% of instructors income for the marketing purposes
* Paid marketing to all of our social media
* Promote to 50k+ audience
* Highlight your course at different events
* Will make your teaser video
* Win a “Blue Yeti Blackout” microphone or, 10,000 valued gift voucher, if you get 80 sells within a month


Note: This will be ONLY valid for every single course for a lifetime not for all courses.
So Ball is in your court, Create Tutorial, Upload, Promote & Sell your knowledge & Start Earning with the electrifying career.

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What's new Video Tutorial Upload process

How To Upload Course Tutorial At Instructory

Instructory believes everyone is an expert in something. If you have the interest to share your knowledge and a willingness to make people learned, Instructory can help you furnish your expertise.


Learn How to share your skillset on Instructory in this “HOW IT WORKS” video by following along as we take you through the entire process. Learn from the beginning, such as – creating your account, course uploading model, write descriptions, tags, price and add thumbnail images, etc.


1) Sign Up / Sign In – Become An Online Teacher

2) Choose model 

3) Add course details:
Thumbnail Image (366*293), Course Title (70 character limit), Description (1000 character limit), Price & Visibility 

4) Add lessons:
Videos, title (70 character limit), description (1000 character limit) & images (366*293)

5) Submit for review 

6) Get approval 

7) Find the course tutorial on the playlist

8) Congrats, Ready to go and start earning


Want to become an online Teacher , Join Now:

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