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Month: July 2010

How To Upload Course Tutorial At Instructory

Video Tutorial Upload process

Instructory believes everyone is an expert in something. If you have the interest to share your knowledge and a willingness to make people learned, Instructory can help you furnish your expertise.


Learn How to share your skillset on Instructory in this “HOW IT WORKS” video by following along as we take you through the entire process. Learn from the beginning, such as – creating your account, course uploading model, write descriptions, tags, price and add thumbnail images, etc.


1) Sign Up / Sign In – Become An Online Teacher

2) Choose model 

3) Add course details:
Thumbnail Image (366*293), Course Title (70 character limit), Description (1000 character limit), Price & Visibility 

4) Add lessons:
Videos, title (70 character limit), description (1000 character limit) & images (366*293)

5) Submit for review 

6) Get approval 

7) Find the course tutorial on the playlist

8) Congrats, Ready to go and start earning


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