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Month: January 2020

5 Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing in 2020

Today’s digital world without social media is not – imaginable!

But at the same time, many businesses are overlooking another powerful media tool – YouTube, despite being the leader in online video consumption, has been around for longer than Facebook and Twitter, and such, doesn’t always get the same consideration from brands.

Since its launch in 2006, YouTube has grown into a multi-billion dollar company and has sparked the careers of thousands of comedians, actors, musicians, teachers, chefs, dancer, religious speakers and more. 

Here are five essential tips for YouTube marketing success


1. Optimize your content for search with Keywords and CTAs

As the world’s top video-sharing platform YouTube is the second biggest search engine globally. The fact that Google owns YouTube, you should always include popular & well-demanded keywords in your video title, description, properties, and video tags. To optimize your title, video thumbnails, detailed description & optimize for mobile also.

2. Don’t Always Try to ‘Go Viral’

Viral videos itself the goal for every video to get as many views as possible loses this special quality. If views are important, it’s better to build a solid audience with creating quality content is always preferable to a one-hit-wonder.

3. Set Your Channel Style & Tone

Before creating your YouTube video content, sit down with your team, research and decide on the style of your YouTube channel like – 

  1. Who is our audience & Location
  2. What should our CTA/CTAs be
  3. Type of content – Hip and friendly? Sleek and professional
  4. Types of videos – Tutorials, Q&As, advertisements, comedy etc.
  5. Want to bring guests/celebrity/influencers into your videos

4. Consumer & Corporate Contents

Use your channel either only for Customers or, only for Corporate Market. Don’t Mix, else users will be frustrated.

And users search YouTube for specific videos.

5. Include Various Video Types

  • Create informative how-to videos 
  • Q&A types of videos 
  • Make unboxing videos 
  • Give a tour of your corporate offices, team, etc.
  • Broadcast company events through YouTube’s live-stream function.
  • Upload testimonials from customers
  • Interview one employee about their experiences
  • Invite a well-known YouTuber or Influencer
  • Post-commercials and video advertisements for upcoming products & Services
  • Turn your blog content into YouTube videos

Youtube marketing is rapidly growing in popularity. By creating engaging and lucrative video marketing content for the benefit of yours, your company or, your clients.


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