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Choose Best Course Selling Model – Basic or, Promotional

Course Uploading Model

How you want to sell your course tutorial!!
Myths about Online Course Creation


Instructory is the best-suited Online Teaching Marketplace for Instructors in Bangladesh which is here with a dream to facilitate millions of teachers and instructors through uploading their knowledge and earn money by selling their online course tutorials to support themselves and their family!
Remember, the more you promote your course the more you will earn. And, If we market your course, definitely you will get better sells. But the decision is yours.


We have two-course uploading models:


Basic Model: It’s a simple course uploading for every instructor who wants to sell their tutorial on our marketplace and conditions are as underneath –
* Platform maintenance fee 15%
* Social media post
* Display at the homepage
* Promote your own course


Promotional Model: Here we will take the responsibility to bring learners for your tutorials, but the features will be a little bit different from the Basic Mode like –
* Platform maintenance fee 15%
* Social media post
* Display at the homepage
* We will promote your course
* Share extra 50% of instructors income for the marketing purposes
* Paid marketing to all of our social media
* Promote to 50k+ audience
* Highlight your course at different events
* Will make your teaser video
* Win a “Blue Yeti Blackout” microphone or, 10,000 valued gift voucher, if you get 80 sells within a month


Note: This will be ONLY valid for every single course for a lifetime not for all courses.
So Ball is in your court, Create Tutorial, Upload, Promote & Sell your knowledge & Start Earning with the electrifying career.

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